Birch water

When fresh, it is a clear and uncoloured liqui often slightly sweet with a slightly. Birch sap may be consumed both fresh and naturally fermented. Quality birch sap directly tapped from our birch trees in France. TreeVitalise organic birch water is simple, unsweetened loveliness. The truth and the hype about birch water , also called birch tree water which is high in minerals and contains naturally occurring xylitol.

Made by the forests of Finland.

Birch tree water or birch sap or birch juice is one of best juices you can drink. The birch water is a slightly sweet, thin syrupy-watery liquid. I7ILQ Source Video: Stef. The sap from the birch tree can be collected in early spring.

It is claimed to help treat liver disease, flu, headaches, dandruff and eczema. It is also believed to flush out toxins and help reduce cellulite. We do Tree Water, the most delicious birch water , maple water and bamboo water. Directly tapped from the trees.

Screw mountains and coconuts, drink water from trees.

Learn how to tap Birch Sap and what are the health benefits. Entrepreneurs tapping into the billion-dollar health-drinks industry hope that birch water will be the next big thing. The clear elixir tastes slightly sweet and beautifully crisp with a subtle aftertaste of forest. Birch water is simply pure tree sap tapped straight from birch trees.

At TAPPED we make natural, healthy hydrating drinks from birch water , the sap which flows inside birch trees. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Nutritionist Nathalie recommends birch sap. Pure Prickly Crisp Taste.

Is birch water better than coconut water? Just what is birch tree water ? This tree sap is said to boost immunity, improve energy, treat joint pain and decrease cavities. Video: Swede Jonna Jinton gathering and enjoying some fresh birch sap. Birch has played an important role for self-reliant folks throughout the millennia.

Tap the sap to reap the benefits of “nature’s energy drink,” birch tree sap. Birch Water is an organic product sourced from Birch Trees.