Android inspection camera

Please Note: Our choices for. Free delivery on eligible orders. OTG View is an user friendly operating Android application, which allows you to use this software to view live inspection and recording videos, take pictures and storage in your devices. It also supports playback and other functions.

Connect the OTG(USB) inspection camera `s USB to Android devices to view live video. The device transmits video wirelessly to smart devices, enabling the user to inspect visually inaccessible areas.

The camera connects via WIFI . Camera Endoscope, LESHP Inspection. Macroreer WiFi Endoscope Handheld . The market for inspection cameras or endoscopes is pretty big but a few characteristics are important to analyze before you finally decide. Buy the latest android endoscope inspection camera GearBest.

The advantages of this product are small size and light weight. The middle part of the installation of a . Hurry, before it is gone! It is compatible with the most frequently used operating systems, such as Windows, MacBook OS or Android.

Its inspection camera has megapixels, adjustable lights and can capture 720p HD images which make it a decisive tool for close range. This endoscope can operate . Ideal for visual inspection in hard-to-reach places. DESCRIPTIONS: Now you can inspect and explore hard to reach areas with this endoscope Android inspection camera ! Extremely durable and water resistant – the perfect device to have for just about . The Newest Type Endoscope: Unlike other endoscope camera on the marketplace, this wireless wifi endoscope . You can adjust the brightness of the White LEDs around the camera . There is also a turning wheel used for adjusting the brightness of LED lights so that the Endoscope can work in some area without enough light.

Model: B01MRHKWGT InVaFoCo combines the latest technologies with our rich hardware expertise to design and make the reliable consumer electronics and . The powerful wireless module provides a stable Wi-Fi connection. FREE SHIPPING and SPECIAL PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME! The uses for this mini waterproof camera are virtually endless! The flexible water-proof camera can snake around tight spaces and . Once you know, you Newegg!